Gourmet American Hotdogs opportunities are available throughout the country. Agencies cost = POA which would include contracted area/region, equipment and chattels.
Becoming a Gourmet American Hotdogs agent allows you the right to operate a business based on our proven system. All agents pay a fee for this ‘right’ and, in return receive a total package including ongoing management support and advice. The big difference with Gourmet American Hotdogs is in the amount of high quality support you receive at the start and ongoing enquiries via our website.

Whether run as a full time or part time operation Gourmet American Hotdogs has the proven recipe to generate an income with unlimited potential.

Agency Supplied Chattels List - open/close
4 sets of uniforms ( tops and caps) + 4 aprons 2 water tanks for trailer unit
 6 containers for stock  4 tongs and 2 knives
6 menus  One 3 x 3 red easy up
 1 gas bottle  1 mobile hotdog unit equipped to health regulation standard
1 first aid kit for trailer 1 outdoor sign board and stand

Everything you require other than stock

Mobile Food Concessions or fixed Location Restaurant - open/close
  1. Location Selection
    A typical restaurant operator is generally required to commit to a long-term lease and he/she better hope they choose the right location. If they don't, they are stuck in a bad location and forced to pay a hefty penalty for getting out of the lease early. On the other hand, the operator of a mobile food business has the ability to change locations at almost any time should conditions warrant. Further more the owner of a mobile food business may find that he can operate in more than one location. For example, he may run a lunch time business in one location, then move to another location better suited for evening business and operate in still another location on the weekends.
  2. Initial Capital Costs
    The cost for a building lease, leasehold improvements, equipment, seating, etc., for a fixed location restaurant can easily surpass $150,000. And if you do pick a bad location, all that money spent on leasehold improvements is lost. You can't take that with you. With a mobile food business your investment and exposure is so much less. Most successful mobile food operators start with one cart, then grow as they learn the ropes, adding additional concession stands and/or vehicles, hiring employees, partners or subcontractors.
  3. Time Commitment
    A typical restaurant owner is tied to his business for excruciating long hours, sometimes 7 days a week, every week, month in, month out. According to an old adage, the two happiest days in a restaurant owners life is the day he bought it and the day he got rid of it. Notice they do not say "sold" it, as that is not always the case. On the other hand, the mobile food operator can pick and choose his hours. Most Hotdog vendors work 4-6 hours a day depending on the event/location set up at. Some even start out as a part time venture, working only the weekends, building the business before making a full time commitment. And the truth is, the Hotdog vendor will earn more GP than 90% of the "struggling to survive" restaurant owners out there. Plus he'll be able to enjoy his life and spend quality time with his wife and kids. On the other hand, according to published statistics, the majority of new restaurant owners will last less than one year, lose all their investment capital, probably file bankruptcy. Is it worth the risk? You decide.

Mobile Food Cart Facts
No special eduction or business experience required
Full training and ongoing assistance is available
You are your own boss
Choose your own hours
Choose your own locations
Grow as big as you want, when you want
This is a Recession-Proof business
Works just as well when the economy is weak
You've got real job security
Unlimited income potential
No layoffs here. People eat hotdogs every day!
Everybody loves a good hotdog
The hotdog cart business is not a new trendy fad. It's a given!
Talk about a low stress job!
Start your business fast
Make money your first day. All cash!
You don't have to quit your current job
Work weekends to start, then grow into full time
Extremely high profit potential
Low overhead. Minimal operating costs
The hotdog cart business can be profitable all year round in any climate
Hotdog carts are perfect for indoor and outdoor use board and stand